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We Need Your Help to Provide a Better Home for Those in Need.

Join our Journey in creating a Sanctuary of Peace and Safety for Victims of Violence

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Be a part of our Mission to Transform a piece of Land into a Humanitarian Legacy

No child should ever suffer hunger. be a part to build a shelter for abused children.

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Food Serving for the Poor

On Holidays like Thanksgiving Day, Glorious Heart Foundation will serve food to people in need in the Los Angeles area. We are looking for support in any kind or form that >> Read more

This is the land where we plan to build

Hello everyone, as you may see on the background, there is nothing except tumble weeds.  This is the land where we plan to build our permanent GHF home to serve >> Read more

GHF Inauguration June 25, 2017

Swearing in of officers by Marie Cunning, We had a Lovely Time and We hope you can Join us Soon ! Check out the Gallery Here !